2020 Ouano – Loon: Lite Ferries Shipping Boat Schedule & Fares

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Lite Ferries Shipping Vessel
© Photo is owned by Philippine Shipping

Here you can find the ferry boat schedule and fare rates for the Ouano – Loon route by Lite Ferries. There are trips every day and the ferry will be traveling between the Ouano Wharf in Mandaue City and the Catagbacan Port in Loon, Bohol Island. Lite Ferries is owned by the Lite Shipping Corporation.


Ouano to Loon

Departure Time2:00 AM
OriginOuano Wharf, Mandaue
DestinationCatagbacan Port, Loon

Loon to Ouano

Departure Time7:00 PM
OriginCatagbacan Port, Loon
DestinationOuano Wharf, Mandaue

The RORO ferry from Ouano is scheduled to depart every day at 2:00 AM. Meanwhile, the RORO ferry from Loon is scheduled to depart at 7:00 PM.

Fare Rates


(The passenger fare rates are yet to be posted.)


For those traveling with their personal vehicles, you can inquire about the freight rates using the hotline numbers provided in this article.


You can book your tickets at the Lite Shipping ticketing offices, their official website, or through travel booking partners and authorized agents.

Contact Information



Email address

If you have any inquiries or questions about the trip, feel free to use the hotline numbers or the email address posted above to get in touch with the Lite Shipping office.


Lite Ferries Ouano to Loon Boat Schedule
Ouano to Loon Boat Schedule
Lite Ferries Loon to Ouano Boat Schedule
Loon to Ouano Boat Schedule

Overview Questions

What time does the ferry depart from Ouano to Loon?

The ferry departs from Ouano, Mandaue City every day at 2:00 AM.

What time does the ferry depart from Loon to Ouano?

The ferry departs from Loon, Bohol every day at 7:00 PM.

Can I transport my vehicle between Ouano and Loon?

Yes, you can. The ship can transport both passengers and vehicles.

Hotel Accommodation

List of Lite Shipping Routes

For the full list of shipping routes by Lite Shipping, check out the Lite Ferries page.


The featured image in this article is owned by Philippine Shipping however, it does not necessarily mean that it is the exact ship for the route. It is only for illustrative purposes. The schedule and fare rates are from the Lite Ferries Facebook page.