OceanJet Shipping Vessel
OceanJet Fastcraft Shipping Vessel

Fastcrafts or fast crafts are passenger-only vessels that are small but fast. They are a lot faster than RORO ships, however when it comes to the fare rates, they are also usually much more expensive. Fast craft vessels are very common especially in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

List of fast crafts


When it comes to the accommodation of fast crafts, most of the coaches of these boats are air-conditioned. There are also those that offer Open-Air seats, such as OceanJet and SuperCat, if you want to experience the outside sea breeze.


Most fast craft vessels some with on-board entertainment. These are commonly in the form of TV sets in front of the ship. They also have restrooms and a snack cart that goes around the coaches for those who wish to buy something to eat or drink.