Philippine Shipping is a travel blog dedicated to compiling as much ferry information there is for the convenience of travelers. Currently, there are dozens of shipping companies in the Philippines. Our goal is to become a hub where people can easily look up schedules, fare rates, and even contact numbers all in one place.

The site is currently managed by a small team of editors and researchers. We are not directly affiliated with any ferry company or agency. However, we will continue to add and update articles every month through online and personal inquiries.

Montenegro Lines RORO Shipping Vessel
Montenegro Lines RORO Shipping Vessel

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Shipping Vessels

There are three types of shipping vessels in the country: fast crafts, ROROs, and cargo-only ships.

Fast crafts are small but fast passenger-only vessels that can get you to your destination faster than the standard RORO ship. ROROs are slower than fast crafts but allow vehicle transport which is perfect for those who wish to bring along their own car.

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